My very first injury

It happened exactly a week ago today. My very first injury.

Athletes get injured everyday – it’s just part of sports. Something every athlete has to overcome to be the best they can be. It’s a long, tedious, frustrating road to recovery but the reward of being healthy and playing again is worth it.

This is a pretty monumental moment for me. But I’m lucky for 2 reasons: 1) I am very fortunate to have had my first “real” injury at the age of 21 after 8 years of playing volleyball (stupid, nagging shoulder pain doesn’t count) and 2) I chose the right time to get injured: right before Christmas break with lots of time for recovery 🙂 But nonetheless, I am still injured.

How’d it happen? It happened when I landed from a block sideways on my ankle during a game. I’m lucky it’s not broken but unfortunately I tore a couple ligaments, have a pretty bad bone bruise and a 3rd degree sprain. I don’t remember much to be honest but it was probably one of the worst feelings I’ve felt to date.

What now? I have to wear a boot for 2 weeks and then ~ 2 weeks of rehab before it’s 100% healed. Pretty fast recovery! But I’ve been to extensive therapy everyday for at least 3 hours and I have been so lucky to be treated by such a talented group of therapists at the York U sport injury clinic who have been by my side every step of the way (yes that means you, Lisa, Tracy, Cindy, James, Enoch and Matty). So, the recovery time might be even sooner! Unfortunately, this means I can no longer go to the NORCECA Finals I’ve been training for in Trinidad & Tobago. My flight will be leaving in 2 days.

Despite the pity and great sadness you are probably feeling for me right now, there were some funny moments that came out of this. My therapists won’t let me forget the 3 things that came out of my mouth within 5 minutes of it happening: “This hurts so much” “But Lisaaa I have a tournament in two weeks” and my personal favourite “Can I have some chocolate?” Another positive from this is the amount of time I now get to spend with amazing, dedicated therapists and other injured talented York athletes as we share and lament in our silly injuries. But more importantly, I am a form of comedic relief for others as they watch me struggle on crutches – just in time for the snow too! Fantastic
Now, I know what you’re all thinking: “Yesss! I am so looking forward to Melissa’s blog posts about her very first injury”. You are welcome.

So as a way of celebrating my first injury I thought I’d do a weekly progress report to share my road to recovery!

Here’s my first weekly progress (warning: ugly foot pictures ahead):

Day 1: picture taken at the hospital about 20 mins after the incident

Day 1: picture taken at the hospital about 20 mins after the incident

Day 2: the morning after

Day 2: the morning after

Day 4: a lot of the swelling has gone down!

Day 4: she’s looking pretty skinny

Day 5: even more progress :) ft. one of my incredible therapists in the back

Day 5: even more progress 🙂 ft. one of my incredible therapists in the back

Of just 5 days of therapy, I’d say the healing is going very well:) I’ve used so many cool toys, everything from a huge balloon on my leg IMG_5560

to electric waves in my foot IMG_5570

But my favourite kind of therapy was this kind:

Care package from Steve :) a huge popcorn box of sugar makes the medicine go down right?

Care package from Steve 🙂 a huge popcorn box of sugar makes the medicine go down right?

Want your faith restored in humanity? Get injured. I haven’t quite gotten used to the crutches yet (I’ve had my fair share of falls) but crutching around campus made me realize how kind people really are. Complete strangers are so quick to ask me if I need help, holding doors for me, asking to carry my bags – it’s a beautiful thing to witness. I truly can’t thank my roommates, teammates and family enough for dealing with me for the past week. Everyone has been so gentle and helpful, it’s made my recovery so much easier and better ❤ Special thanks to my roomie Jen Black for making me the most delicious breakfasts every morning,  my mom for taking extra special care of me after long days of work (it’s always nice to feel like a kid again), and my dad for driving me to therapy everyday!

Even my stuffed animals have been helping  IMG_5534

And fortunately/unfortunately I have a teammate who understands my pain:


we’re boot twins 🙂

One thing I have learned this week: don’t take anything for granted – I took the simple act of walking for granted and only now realized how much I wish I could walk normally again. Treasure your health. I am so grateful and thankful for a healthy body and once I start walking on two feet again, I know I will cherish every step.

That’s my first week of recovery! Thanks for reading 🙂 Be back in a week with more updates!


Day 6! Comparison of both the ankles – the left one is finally starting to show bone and look like an ankle

One thought on “My very first injury

  1. This is so sad and funny. From the sadness of the injury to your hilarious comments, it is a great read!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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