Weeks 2 & 3


First off, I apologize for the lack of posts – it’s exam time (which in most cases would mean that I’d be writing on here 24/7, but I figured I should study for at least a couple hours a day, right?). However,  it’s slightly past 2 weeks so I have lots of news for you. Here’s what I’ve done the past couple of weeks:

Week 2:

1. Made new friends in the tub


2. Practiced how to be a ballerina


plantar flexion getting betterrr

(the videos unfortunately don’t work but I tried to give you an idea of what happened)

3. Walked with crutches

crutch1 crutch2 crutch3 crutch4 crutch5

4. Walked without crutches!!

walk1 walk2 walk3 walk4

5. Then played with marbles (the sequence goes: 1. pick up marble 2. put foot over box 3. let go of marble 4. repeat)


Week 3:

I had two exams this week so I was pretty much on house arrest. But on December 3rd, I had an appointment with the doctor for my two week check up. She said it looks great, swelling’s gone down but now it’s time to get rid of the crutches, the boot and start walking solo! As a result, I was no longer confined to fast food diets that could be eaten with one hand (or no hands) and preferably no utensils.


No more crutches or boot! Pizza sometimes though

So week 3 has been a week of hobbling and limping around but I finally feel independent! Takes me much longer to get around but hey, I can still do it. My therapist told me it was time to quit the pizza and hit the gym (not as blunt, but that was the gist of it). Because I couldn’t bike or run, I was put in the pool – with a flotation device (you try swimming with one leg). I was able to make huge strides in the pool because I could walk in the shallow end, without any assistance, and with 40% of my body weight! I started to learn how to walk again (“tuck that bum in”, “bend your knee”, “stand up straight”, “head up”), you’d be surprised how much you forget in 3 weeks. But I’m slowly getting my technique back 🙂 Now that I’ve mastered walking, next up: jumping!

Tune in for next week!


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