Happy New Year! (and latest update)

First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope your holiday season was filled with joy, laughter and food, but mostly food. As the New Year commences and a new school semester approaches (-_-) I thought I should update you all on what has happened. I didn’t know what to put as the cover image so I put a puppy. Cause who doesn’t love puppies.

Anyways. I have been slacking on my ankle updates (again), I apologize (again). But to be honest, not much has changed until recently (and I was having way too much fun over Christmas break). Weeks 4 and 5 consisted of improved hobbling and learning that the foot should ideally bend when walking. So I spent a fair amount of time walking on a straight line and stretching the scar tissue. Over the Christmas break I went to beautiful BC and it was amazing! But also, I met an awesome therapist out there (courtesy of Steven Marshall), Jeff VanHuizen. He pushed me and my ankle to the limit. By week 6 I was walking at fairly fast high speeds on the treadmill and bunny hopping.

Week 7 saw some crazy fast jogging (like speed 4.4 on the treadmill) and one-legged bunny hops. And this time I didn’t look like Golem from the Lord of the Rings. But more importantly, I jumped! (about 60% but still). At this point it’s all about trust and confidence – like a marriage between the ankle and I. I’ve even noticed that the left ankle has become stronger than the right. I can balance on wobbly ball things way longer on the left than the right. Now it’s time to even it up right? Always something to work on. Sports – it never stops. Anyways, here is a super exciting short clip of me block jumping against a wall. My very first jumps (Click the link)

The body is a crazy, miraculous thing. I remember why I went into Kinesiology in the first place. But everyday since this injury I’m surprised by how the body responds to an injury and how it tries to heal itself. It’s incredible.

All I know is that I’m super excited to get back on the court with my best friends!

Thanks for reading – I’ll keep you posted!

Wishing all of you the best in 2014



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