I need to give huge Thank You’s to my supporters and sponsors. Without you, this journey would have been way harder or may not have even existed.

First and foremost, my parents (..and your wallet). Thank you for being there for me through this crazy life. I couldn’t/wouldn’t have done it without you. I am eternally grateful and thankful to have picked you as my parents 😀 Your endless love is what keeps me going! A big shoutout to my brothers for being mean and supportive at the same time. I would have been so bored as a child without you – so thanks for being entertaining 🙂


A big thank you to Overkill for supporting me throughout the years. Your contribution to the sport is tremendous and greatly appreciated. Follow them on Twitter: @OverkillCAN ! So glad to be part of Team Overkill:


Kwik Kopy Printing

Very thankful to Kwik Kopy for printing amazing postcards and information packages. See below for some examples! They are beautifully done with the best quality. If you ever need any printing services at great prices, check them out at !

sc00f41dfc photo 1Kwik_Kopy_Logo


I am so excited about my new sponsorship with Bioforce. Bioforce is a distributor located in Montreal, Quebec and they distribute amazing natural, health products by A.Vogel. They believe in a healthy well-balanced lifestyle for the mind, body and soul. Take a look here at some products (I’ll review these products once I get a hang of this bloggin’ thing):


Please take a look at their website ( and follow them on Twitter: @Avogel_ca for great tips and information on a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you again to everyone who has supported me. And to those who have by means of a smile and a “Good luck”, please know that it’s just as important and equally appreciated 🙂

Grateful to be surrounded by amazing people.

If anyone is interested or has questions on how to support, email me at 🙂 I’ll gladly fill you in on some ways to Sponsor an Athlete (preferably me). The beach volleyball world is in need of supporters and anything is helpful.
Thanks for reading!


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